We know, the boring stuff. Basically, the do's and don't's of the content that is provided here. The basic recap is:

  • All the content provided here is free of charge. Don't distribute it without permission. If someone you know wants more information about the curriculum or materials posted here, just direct them here.
  • You're welcome to modify the content posted for your own ministry, as most of it is designed for modifications. All we ask is that you give us credit for the hard work we put in to create it.
  • Don't take our curriculum and rebrand it or sell it. It belongs to us, but we are freely providing you a license to use it. If you paid for our curriculum, someone scammed you and we'd love for you to tell us about it so we can prevent them from scamming other people too!
  • If you want to feature some of the ideas we've published here in your own magazine, Facebook group, blog, website, or other medium, that's awesome! Please ask before you do it.

If you really want to read all the fine print, here you go!